Storm Mountain’s instructor team is specifically tailored to meet the needs of any potential training or operational requirement. Team members have in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in the areas of law enforcement patrol, law enforcement management, community oriented policing options, correctional facility operations, correctional facility management, government and private sector security operations and management and specialized high risk / tactical operations. All have been special operations leaders in the U.S. Military and/or law enforcement agencies. Specifically, they have or are:

  • US Military Special Operations Instructors
  • Law Enforcement General Subject Instructors
  • Correctional Officer General Subject Instructors
  • Specialty (Defensive Tactics, Driving) Instructors
  • US DoS WPS Instructors
  • SWAT or SWAT Instructors certified through Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia or the FBI.
  • Firearms Instructors certified through Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia or the FBI.
  • Snipers or Sniper Instructors certified through Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, the FBI or U.S. Army.

SMTC vets all instructor candidates through a multi-tiered hiring process and only the best instructors in their respective fields will be hired and utilized. Our courses are designed to convey the tactical problems associated with realistic situations. Our instructors bring operational experience from such diverse organizations as: US Army Special Operations, US Navy Special Warfare Group, FBI, Major Metropolitan Police Department SWAT and Civil Disturbance Unit teams, and other sensitive organizations.

To this end, a 3 day and 5 day Instructor Training Program was developed to provide the student with the best training experience possible.

The SMTC Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a practical, skill oriented course designed to provide participants the fundamentals in adult instruction and curriculum design. Participants will learn and practice a variety of instructional strategies to deliver effective instruction.

Participants will design an original lesson plan based upon the ADDIE instructional systems design model and incorporating different instructional methodologies for effective delivery to a variety of audiences and in different learning environments. Participants will engage in public speaking exercises to sharpen their presentation skills.

Provide new instructors with the basic foundations of adult learning principles and instructional strategies for the effective delivery of curriculum. Provide new information and knowledge for continued development of SMTC instructors; and Engage course participants in the IDC instruction and integrate their instructional experiences to enhance the learning experience for the other participants.